Friday, April 13, 2012

Is Japan Post a private company?

In 1853, the U.S. steam warship sailed into Uraga inlet in Tokyo Bay. At that time, the mega-city presently called Tokyo was not renamed such yet. The Japanese people there were so upset that they called the warship "Black Ship", which puffed up black smoke. Aboard the warship was Matthew Perry, the U.S. navy commodore.

Uraga is in the city of Yokosuka, which is located at the entrance to Tokyo Bay. At present,  Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force's Self Defense Fleet is headquartered in Funakoshi district in Yokosuka.

"Black Ship Shock" shook Japan completely. Japan opened 5 ports including Yokohama and Kobe, and expedited modernization. Railways,  postal service, telegraph, steel manufacturing, constitution, election, Diet, and so on.

The state-owned Yahata Steel Works was privatized. Nippon Telegraph and Telephone was privatized. Japanese National Railways was privatized. But, Japan Post Holdings is owned 100% by Finance Minister and run by private personnel including Mr. SAITO Jiro.
Mr. Saito is the President of Japan Post Holdings, and was a top-ranking official of MOF(Ministry of Finance).

Japan Post Holdings is owned 100% by Finance Minister, and is managed by the board whose chairperson is a former top-ranking official of MOF. Is Japan Post a private company?

At present Diet session, Japan's Diet-persons are passing a bill to stop Japan Post privatization. KOIZUMI Shinjiro, Dietman from Yokosuka and Miura, is one of a few Diet-persons who say no to the bill.

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