Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mr. Nishiyama is a high-ranking official in METI

The press treat Mr. NISHIYAMA Hidehiko as though he was a representative of Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA). NISA is a subsidiary organization of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).
Maybe you're thinking like "METI ? Is that any different from MITI ?"
MITI, which was once called the headquarter of JAPAN Inc. , was renamed as METI in order that they might pretend that they had made enough effort to streamline Japan's rigid bureaucracy.

Mr. Nishiyama Hidehiko is Director-General in METI. He ranks very high in METI. Why does he play a role of spokesperson for NISA almost every day? Doesn't NISA have any spokesperson? Yes, it has. Up to the second day since Japan's 311 megaquake, a spokesperson belonging to NISA held a press conference. Then, suddenly he disappeared. At the next conference, Mr. Nishiyama Hidehiko showed up.

Bureaucrats tend to make it unclear who is responsible for any subjects. Japan's bureaucrats are not exception. Legally speaking, METI solely has the administrative responsibility for atomic energy in Japan. Since Fukushima Daiichi fell into a critical conditon, KAN Naoto Cabinet shares the resposibility for Fukushima Daiichi's crisis with Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO).

So far, Japanese people don't complain much as they are patient. But, uncntrollable reactors don't wait for us. I have already submitted a bill of accusation over an illegal act of Mr. Kan and other members of the House of Representatives.
My only aim is the resignation of Kan Cabinet.